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At BSB we feel these to areas, whether for the self-employed, small business or the employed are where the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

To answer your question why? It is the most misunderstood and neglected areas. Before you ask how it applies to the employed if they do not work with “customers”, I challenge you to undertake the “ME PLC” test below.

Our philosophy on BSB for employees is for them to consider their employers as their customers. If you are an employee these are the people who are “buying” what you are selling.

What you are selling is your skills, experience, and attitude. If you want to get a better take on the situation, I challenge you to put yourself in the company owners, or organization shoes in the following simple scenario.

You run a small shop and want to communicate to the potential customers that you are a reliable and professional shop, one that they can trust.

You’ve just employed a shop assistant for 35 hours to be in by 9 when the shop opens. In the first week of employing that person, they have only arrived on time twice. Already their lunch hour has stretched to 70 minutes. They literally run out of the door when the shop closes at 5 pm.

No doubt the employee will expect their full pay at the end of the week/month even though the required time is not being worked.

In your opionion are they delivering on the hours they contracted to give in return for their pay?

Can you see how the employee has an issue with the product they are delivering to the customer?

The MY PLC test

Our “Me PLC” test is simple and can be carried out by the employed as well as the self-employed. If you are employed and called Alex, then call your company “Alex PLC”.

Now carry out this MY PLC test. Write a 2-minute commercial text for potential customers, Really sell what you are offering in a way that makes potential customers feel that you are just what they have been looking for.

If you are not shy about sharing it, post it to us. If you are a bit shy, send it to us on the contact form and we will publish an extract of it anonymously.

This is a “must-do” exercise. It will help you gain confidence in what you have to offer as well as help you identify areas you may want to develop in order to make a better impression at work.

In your advert script, you should have something about technology. These are invaluable skills in the workplace today.

If you are not sure where to start and you are currently employed, why not ask a colleage or your manager , “If you had to choose one word to describe one of my strengths at work, what would it be?”

You can always contact us to help you carry out this exercise with you in a more detailed way.

Revisit this task, from time to time.

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