Creatives Business Start-up Coaching 3 x 1 Hour Sessions

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These coaching sessions have been specifically formulated for creative thinkers. Creative thinkers tend to find themselves developing multiple ideas and not knowing which to follow through with.  Perhaps you are realizing that technology, a website or social media is a drain on your creative energy and you want to explore, how this area can be managed without a drain on your creative energy.  Perhaps you are just dissatisfied with the pace at which you are moving, from assessing those ideas to taking decisive action.

I draw on simple tools to more complex planning and decision aids suitable to your circumstances so you can use them again and again

I piloted this session at the end of 2018 and got amazing results with highly motivated people.

If you are a small business owner,  a freelancer or even a potential start-up,  why not build on the momentum and start 2020  with a boost.

If you feel that you and your business will benefit having increase exposure and greater sales bought about by a clearly defined plan for 2020, these are must-have sessions.




These three coaching sessions are designed to boost any aspect of your business activity.  You can use these sessions to work through your most pressing challenges,  perhaps research, pricing, marketing or social media marketing,  you decide.

Prior to the start of the sessions, I will guide you to establish a clear overall goal for each individual session. I will help you stay on track with that goal or revise it based on any new learning.

Sessions can be carried out by Zoom or Skype.  You will need to have access to a p.c. to allow for screen sharing, should it be necessary.

These sessions are ideal when you have a specific issue that you are finding it particularly challenging or feeling anxious about a way forward.

After booking the product,  I will contact you within 48 hours to have short (15 mins) preparation session with you and make an appointment.

1 review for Creatives Business Start-up Coaching 3 x 1 Hour Sessions

  1. Rosinda Abbott

    This Service is a life and a dream saver. Helped me turn my random ideas into reality. The Coach was hugely supportive in helping me structure the ideas I had so that I could process and work through them to test their viability and workability. The service helped me to be methodical in my approach to my new venture and expose the direction and steps I should take to structure my ideas and then goals into a working plan. The sessions kept my hopes and motivation thriving while I navigated the would of the start-up business. It took me from the idea stage to actionable steps to execute – to confidence to seek funding and to startup. Practical and down to earth guidance, probing and insightful explorative questioning. The service helped me expose hurdlles to my progress and leap over them. I can’t say enough except I continue to use the service at times when I need to progress at a more efficient and improved pace and productivity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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