1-Hour Stategic Coaching Session


This one-off coaching session has been specifically formulated for creative thinkers. Particularly people who find themselves generating multiple ideas but who are dissatisfied with the pace at which they move from assessing those ideas to taking action.

I piloted this session at the end of 2018 and got amazing results with highly motivated people.

If you are a small business owner,  a freelancer or even a potential start-up,  why not build on the momentum to the start of a new year and give your business a “Jumpstart”.

By establishing a strategic plan for your business over the next year at the beginning of 2019 you will be positioning yourself to make the most of opportunities that align themselves perfectly with your business goals, whether it is greater sales or improved exposure. As a result of a clear strategy, you won’t wait for opportunities to come to you, you will seek them out or create them. You will maximize those opportunities you pursue because you will have a clearer idea of how they help you achieve your business goals.

If you feel that you or your business will benefit having increase exposure and greater sales bought about by a clearly defined plan for 2019, this is must-have a session.



I have designed this session so that you can get the most of your hour’s session   To do this will ask you to prepare a few summaries beforehand and bring them with you to the session.

The session will be via  Zoom. Ideally, you will have access to a p.c. should screen sharing be necessary.

At the start of the session, we will establish a clear specific goal to work towards.

Be prepared for a  “working session”  where you will leave with an outline strategy that you will continue to “flesh out”, revise and adapt as you see the results of the action you take.

I may direct you to some additional reference information or sources or I may post specific information on the BSB site for you to access when you need it.


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