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  • Business Coaching

    1-Hour Stategic Coaching Session

    This one-off coaching session has been specifically formulated for creative thinkers. Particularly people who find themselves generating multiple ideas but who are dissatisfied with the pace at which they move from assessing those ideas to taking action.

    I piloted this session at the end of 2018 and got amazing results with highly motivated people.

    If you are a small business owner,  a freelancer …

  • Business Coaching

    3 x 60 mins Sole Trader Business Start-up Coaching

    A series of 3  Coaching Session specifically designed for those planning to go into business by themselves or at the early stages.

    These sessions are provided by a coach of 15 years who has experience of being in business herself.  These sessions are designed as mentoring coaching sessions, so if you feel that you would like, advice, guidance and coaching to …

  • Business Coaching

    Creatives Business Start-up Coaching 3 x 1 Hour Sessions

    These coaching sessions have been specifically formulated for creative thinkers. Creative thinkers tend to find themselves developing multiple ideas and not knowing which to follow through with.  Perhaps you are realizing that technology, a website or social media is a drain on your creative energy and you want to explore, how this area can be managed without a drain on …