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It’s never too early to practice interviewing. By doing your practice early, you feel more confident and less pressured at interview time. We show you how to use your current job to prepare for interviews.

The more you practice the better prepared you will be and as a result, you will feel more confident.  when next faced with an interview. Our interview preparation coaching includes plenty of recording and reviewing mock interview practice, personal feedback and interview tips.

We’ll not just feedback on your responses to questions but talk through some of the best interview responses to those questions. We’ll show you how to use the job specification to prepare your answers.

There are also examples of the best interview answers you can use to get ideas for your own interview responses. Taking the time to practice responding to job specific questions will help you prepare to promote your qualifications for the job.

If you want to move to a totally new area of work we’ll show you how to respond to questions using your transferable skills.  Accessing our industry experts we can even devise questions specifically related to your prospective new area of work and guide you as to what your new employer is looking for in terms of responses. See an example of housing-specific questions under our resources and downloads.

We will also introduce you to some interview reviewing tips that allow you to expertly use your current role experience and contacts to keep on improving your techniques.

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