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What is workplace credibility?

It is more than just doing your job, completing tasks on time or meeting deadlines.

It is about the quality of your interaction with your peers, managers and subordinates.

Why build workplace credibility?
It is what get’s you seen in the best light by those around you. I may be considered your characteristics in the workplace.  It is these characteristics that will make you stand-out from the crowd when opportunities for advancement come around.

Top Four Credibility Characteristics.
Here are our top four workplace credibility characteristics

  1. Trust. As an employee, you will become aware of both the good and not so good aspects of your company and the other people it employs including your manager. If you feel a manager has been unfair to you or treated you badly, would you bite your tongue or share it on social media or in other public places. In short, can you be trusted not to violate the position of trust you have been placed in?
  2. Integrity: Are you an honest person?   For every hour you are being paid, how much of it do you spend on personal business such as phone calls or social media. If your hourly rate was  £15 per hour and spent only five minutes every day on personal business, you would effectively be stealing £325.00 per year.
  3. Accountability: Are your driven to do a good job as a way of demonstrating your ability or because you have a deadline or your manager checks up on you regularly. Accountability is about owning the outcome of the task.  Being accountable for the result means you are more solution focused and not so quick to pass the buck or find excuses for failure.4. Credibility: Do you come across as an expert in your area? Do people listen when you talk on your subject? Can you influence decisions and persuade others on your point of view.  This is not bullying, in this skill comes from first being able to listen.  No matter how small or large your job, it is possible to be an expert in your area.


Career Coaching will help you to identify the areas at work where you can raise your profile and workplace credibility. We will work with you to assess the current effect of your workplace presence, consider the opportunities in your work or interactions with other and how you can make the greatest impact.  Contact us today for the next group coaching session or arrange a “no obligation”  initial online consultation.


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