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What are people saying about branding

Here is the take of a few people

Rishad Tobaccowala’s ’s blog “Re-inventing by Rishad”   gives his highly informative view.  He breaks it down to 3 elements

  1. Your Niche (professional focus or passion)
  2. Your Voice ( how you communicaet and express yourself)
  3.  Your Story (what made you who you are)

Read his article and comment on his view.

Branding is for People too

Networking and Personal Branding

The article “Who am I” Build your Personal Brand suggests that branding is not just for companies or products and that Personal branding is essential to professional success today. Companies are looking for individuals that function as their own personal corporation. This means you need to differentiate yourself and build a demand for your services among your target market.

Read what the articles say about understanding your unique combination of rational and emotional attributes – your strengths, skills, values and passions and then using these attributes to stand out from the crowd and guide your career decisions.

The article then offers tips on building your personal brand successfully.

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