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Whatever your occupation, whether employed or self-employed;  work has always been a challenging and defining area of endeavor for mankind.

We once thought that technology would reduce our working week to 3 days. Instead of that, more is expected from us in less time.

So what has been our response to this competitive world, we are having to compete against others, against deadlines and conflicting priorities?

For most people, the choices are

a) rise to the challenge,  by improving skills, expertise, and personal attributes;

b) opt out, via self-employment, or

c) find a comfortable niche and keep their head down hoping the commotion will pass them by.

There is no wrong or right only that it gets you a satisfactory result,  which may be a comfortable work-life balance.

If you are working on rising to the challenge or self-employment this is site is for you.  It is built and managed by people at various stages of the same journey you are on, solving the problems and sharing those solutions with you.

As great as information technology is, sometimes is simply too time-consuming to wade through all the info to find what you want.  We are here to help to bring you or direct you to sound resources to aid your journey.

In addition, we offer services to help speed your progress in two ways

i)  helping you plan for the knowns and

ii) helping you to overcome unexpected setbacks.

Expect the majority of our resources to geared around “prevention” as this would be more cost effective in both your time and money.  Because information is power, expect bitesize (15 min read average) bits of info we feel you’ll find helpful.

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