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On this page, you will find a list of potential funding sources.  We do not have experience of everyone, and as yet have not done any detailed research on any of them, however, if you have had experience with any of them,  please do SHARE!

School for Social Entrepreneurs maintains and makes available a list of organizations who offer grants to social enterprises. It gives you a good starting point if looking for funding. A sample of the listing is shown below. This organization is also a good source of social investment and consultancy information.

Start up Loans –  Our mission is to make business ownership a viable career for individuals who struggle to raise finance. We provide affordable loans and mentoring to help these individuals start up and succeed.

We’re a subsidiary of the British Business Bank and deliver the Government’s Start Up Loans programme providing finance and support for businesses who struggle to access other forms of finance.

Nationwide Corporate Finance We want to lend to your new business. We look at the likely success of your business, the people behind it and their experience, we want to approve your funding.

This is what makes Nationwide Corporate Finance so unusual. All proposals are considered by people and not machines.  Every situation and proposal is different and therefore needs our specialist team.

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