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BSB is a resource for small, new and those planning to start a business to connecting to share knowledge of their business start-up journey and learn from others.

BSB is still in the early stages, but feedback on content so far, is good.  We are encouraging visitors to the site to contribute content and make suggestions for future content as well as submitting useful resource links and content.

We are quietly optimistic the BSB will continue to grow.

BSB was started initially as a means of a small group sharing information they had found on their business startup journey.   BSB initially started just as a way of making that information available in an easily accessible format. With other responsibilities regularity is our biggest challenge but we are sure we will overcome that eventually.  For this reason we encourage you to  consider joining us by submitting material and encouraging other small business to access this site help this resource to grow. Here are some ways you can contribute.

1, Guide the priority of what is uploaded to this site by telling us what you came here looking for.  Do this through the contact page.

2. Suggest the posting of content, information from elsewhere that you have found useful.  When you do, tell us how you used it and why you found it useful.

3.  Recommend good services or products. We frequently get asked to recommend a good, web developer, accountant or logo designer.  If you currently use any service you would recommend, please let us know.   We are collating a list of “Trusted and Recommended” services.

5. Offer our BSB community an introductory discount.   We will publish more guidelines on how to do this in the future.

6. Respond to blog posts telling us what you have found useful or what could be improved and how.

Send any suggestions to contact@bsbconnect.org.uk

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